WILL ROBINSON ON ULTRAMAN! Sci-Fi Icon Bill Mumy on the Japanese Kaiju Genre!

Actor Bill Mumy poses with a few of his friends in a 2007 picture. Photo © Bill Mumy.

Bill Mumy’s memorable credits in the science fiction genre include the Lost in Space TV series (as Will Robinson), the “It’s a Good Life” episode of the original Twilight Zone, and (of particular interest to readers of Vantage Point Interviews) Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. Mr. Mumy, a longtime Godzilla fan, discussed his association with the kaiju genre in a 2007 interview with Brett Homenick. 

Brett Homenick: Is it true that you’re a Godzilla fan?

Bill Mumy: Well, I do love the first American released film, with Raymond Burr. I’ve actually never seen the uncut original Japanese film, which I understand to be much darker and more of an obvious anti-nuclear statement. I’d like to see that.

BH: When did you first discover Japanese monster movies?

BM: When I was a kid. I used to ride my bike with my friends to the theaters and see those classic monster movies.

BH: Do you have any favorite films from the genre?

BM: Probably would be Godzilla. Maybe Gorgo. Mothra always cracked me up. Rodan was cool.

BH: Have you seen any of the recent Godzilla films?

BM: No. I should, though. I’d probably enjoy them. I did narrate Godzilla’s biography for Animal Planet on a series I did called “Animal Icons”!

BH: What did you think of the 1998 TriStar Godzilla movie?

BM: Well, to tell the truth, I really didn’t like it. It didn’t look or feel like Godzilla to me. Especially the look of Godzilla. I thought it was a bad idea to change him so much.

BH: You had a small role in the U.S.-produced Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero. How did you get cast on the show?

BM: They just called my agent and asked me to do it. It was fun. I’m always up for being a part of any superhero type film or TV project!

BH: What are your memories from working on the series?

BM: It was cold. We shot outside. It was only one night. We did it here in the San Fernando Valley. Nice people. It didn’t take long. It was easy.

BH: What were the cast and crew like from Ultraman?

BM: Everyone I worked with was nice.

BH: Do you have any closing comments?

BM: Since I’m doing this interview on Earth Day, I’d like to remind folks that Earth is the only planet we have to live on at the time being, so we’d better straighten up and treat her better. Also, I have a new CD, DVD, and graphic novel out and another graphic novel and CD coming this summer. Check ’em out. http://www.billmumy.com.


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